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Dr. Menachem Horowitz (1920-2006) was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and immigrated to Israel in 1938.

He played a very active role in the development of crime and justice and social welfare in the state of Israel, and served in the Israeli police in many different ways. He was a police sergeant in the Jewish settlements during the British Mandate Era, an intelligence officer in the Israel Defense Forces, an officer for street gangs, a juvenile parole officer and adult parole officer, a district adult parole officer, a manager for adult parole services, and a department manager for rehabilitation in the Employment and Welfare Office. Additionally, Menachem taught history and psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and psychiatric social work at the London School of Economics.
He received his doctorate from the University of Pittsburg, USA.

During his life, Menachem also worked in the public sector in a variety of areas, including juvenile rights (he was the first ombudsman for youths and juveniles); rehabilitation of prisoners and ex-convicts; prisoners’ rights (he was an inspector in the prison system); the war against drugs; the Israeli Criminological Society, and the National Criminological Council. He was also a member of the Council for Investigating Deviance (prostitution, drugs, etc.).

In his free time, he was a critic of movies and plays.

During his years of service to the state of Israel, Menachem served as a guest lecturer in the School of Social Work at The Hebrew University; the Criminology Department at the University of Tel Aviv; and the Institute of Criminology at The Hebrew University.

After his retirement, Menachem became an integral part of the Institute of Criminology at the Hebrew University. He taught a variety of courses and published many articles in collaboration with members of the faculty at the Institute.
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