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Academic Program for Combined Bachelor Studies (BA) in Social Sciences or Law, and Graduate Studies (MA) in Criminology

1. Introduction
Over the past few years, criminology has become a multi-disciplinary research field, requiring an in-depth understanding of numerous different areas along with the utilization of new complex research methods. Recently, criminology has become increasingly relevant to many new and broad areas of study including human rights, geography, economics, medicine and more. In light of these developments, the Institute of Criminology is looking for exceptional and promising students from The Hebrew University who are in the early stages of their academic studies, in order to expose them to the field of criminology as early as possible. Joining the Institute of Criminology at this early stage will be a springboard for these students to continue on to advanced studies in Israel and abroad. It is our hope that these exceptional students will become future leaders of Israeli Criminology.

2. Admission to the Combined BA Program
Students at The Hebrew University who have finished their first year of undergraduate studies (with a full course load) in the Faculty of Law or Social Sciences with an average of at least 85 are eligible for this program. A maximum of 15 students will be accepted to the program this year.

3. Admission to Graduate (MA) Studies
Students who have completed their undergraduate (BA) degree with an average of at least 85 are eligible for the program. All MA classes taken while an undergraduate  must also be completed with an average of at least 85.
Note: A student cannot continue with Graduate (MA) studies if he/she has not completed his/her requirements for the BA. Degree.

4. Fellowships
Students who are accepted to the program are eligible for fellowships, which will be awarded at the discretion of the Institute.

5. Program Description
Starting in their second year, students in this program will take courses in the program offered at the Institute of Criminology  along with their regular undergraduate studies. These courses will be counted toward a MA degree. Upon completion of the BA degree (three years in the Social Sciences and Humanities and three and a half years in Law), the students will complete their MA studies in one additional academic year. Law students will complete their MA studies after two additional semesters.
A.    Course requirements
The course requirements for the program are 40 points for the research track (with a thesis) and 48 points for the non-research track.
B.    Special courses
1. Students in this program will take regular courses in the Institute of Criminology. In addition, the Institute will offer a course on Inter-Disciplinary Research, which will be available exclusively to these students. The purpose of this course is to form a cohesive group which will study and research various important and central topics in the field of criminology.
2. These students will also participate in an integrative research clinic, which will combine research, experience, and academic training. Within this framework, these students will spend one year assigned to an office or an organization involved in legislature, the criminal justice system, rehabilitation or treatment.   Such organizations include: The Ministry of Public Security, The Public Defender, The Israeli National Police, The Office of Employment and Welfare, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, The Inter-Office Team for the War against Human Trafficking, and the Organization of the Welfare Children. The students will study different topics related to the activities of the office or organization, under the guidance of their professors at the Institute.

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