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Vol. 18 January 2015




Alumni Meetings
-Sapir Dayan-

This year, the Faculty held four particularly moving class reunions, one of which received extensive media coverage. The reason: one of the alumni was President-Elect Reuven (Ruvi) Rivlin, who attended the event just two days after his election.



It’s All Hebrew to Me
-Renana Herman-

Every student faces some difficulties adapting to academic life during their first year at the Faculty of Law. But the difficulties are amplified for students whose first language is not Hebrew. Difficulties writing papers and reading and understanding legal language are sometimes accompanied by challenges in the area of social and cultural adaption. The mentoring project for students whose first language is not Hebrew offers a broad-based response to these difficulties. The results on the ground speak for themselves.


The Faculty of Law’s Lifetime Achievement Award
-Renana Herman-

The Faculty’s Lifetime Achievement Award for 2014 was presented to Professor Yaakov Neeman in a moving ceremony held in June in the presence of leading figures from the Israeli legal world. “Professor Neeman was a natural choice for the award given his prominent role in the profession, the law firm he founded, and his numerous achievements in the public sphere,” commented Professor Yoav Dotan, one of the academics who initiated the ceremony. We met the recipient of the award for an exclusive interview in the hope of providing some inspiration for current and future practitioners in the legal field.




Short meetings with faculty students



Dr. Guy Pessach

How will childhood experiences be documented in our collective memory, and why is this question related to copyright law? How is Google exploiting the free culture movement to enhance its own economic strength and market share? Dr. Guy Pessach offers some insight into the issues being examined by researchers in the fields of copyright, law and technology, and media law.
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