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Mishpatim, the Hebrew University Law Review, is the first and leading law review published by the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew Univeristy and one of the most important academic publications in Israel.

The first academic law review in Israel, Mishpatim was first established by retired president of supreme court Aharon Barak in 1968. Since its establishment, Mishpatim has published 44 volumes incluing articles, notes  and book reviews authored by a diverse group of legal scholars.

Mishpatim is the only solely student-administered law review in Israel. All articles undergo a thorough peer review process as well as the editorial board's careful review and editing. Although it is guided by a Board of Directors composed of alumni, faculty, and independent directors, all editorial decisions and content are directed by the Editorial Board and Editors, who are selected through a competitive admissions process from the Faculty classes.


For further information, contact us at: laweditors@mail.huji.ac.il

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